Monday, March 06, 2006

Money Does Grow On Trees...

Earlier we talked about purchasing abalone and sushi. Where did we get the money for these and other treats such as manapua and going to the movies?

Kiawe trees were and are still abundant on Oahu. In season, the ground was literally covered with the long yellow kiawe beans. We kids would go in groups and fill up burlap bags with the beans that were worth their weight in gold. The beans, high in protein, were sold to cattle and dairy farmers and people who owned horses.

... And in trash cans
Having an empty bottle was like having money in the bank. Depending on their size or type, the bottles were worth anywhere from one to five cents each. I don't think plastics were invented yet. Aluminum was also a thing of the future. Tin and glass were the more prominent methods of packaging.

Since almost all families were saving their own bottles, we kids had to go to public areas such as parks and beaches in search of the elusive soda pop bottle.


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