Monday, March 06, 2006

Growing Up In Kaka'ako

From the author
The events and personal experiences chronicled here date back nearly 70 years and are but a thin slice of my 80-year lifetime. In case I forgot to mention an event or appeared to embellish another, please remember that memories fade and recollections get rusty as the decades fly by.

While growing up in Kaka'ako and up to the time I went to work at the Navy Yard in Pearl Harbor in 1943 I went by the name of Joseph Mattos. Although all of his legal papers carried the name of Antone DeMattos, my father was more commonly known as Tony Mattos. Three of my siblings went by Mattos and two carried the DeMattos surname. The same went with uncles and cousins.


Blogger Linda Trott Dickman said...

Dear "Uncle Joe",

What a joy to read your blog this misty morning on Long Island, NY. Your stories of color blind childhood, learning about each other's faith, helping out and having a cashless society warmed my heart as much as my own father's stories. He grew up in Massachusetts during the depression, and his stories have guided much of my own life.

I love Hawaii, and already enjoy your niece's Daily Celebrations column and her beautiful poetry.

Keep writing! I can smell the bread baking and the orange peels as you sliced through them. Those smells blended with the already beautiful air of Hawaii must have made you feel as if you are in heaven already.

Linda Trott Dickman

2:48 AM  
Blogger marylei said...

Aloha Joe DeMattos,

I very much enjoyed reading your blog. My great grandfather is Manuel G. Calhau owner of the Movie Theater.

Mahalo, Darlene

10:47 AM  

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