Monday, March 06, 2006

Entrepreneur At Six

The word entrepreneur wasn’t even invented yet, and if it were, I wouldn’t have known how to pronounce it, or worse yet, spell it. But I was one.

Several stores in Kaka’ako sold cone sushi at a nickel apiece, but one store on Cooke Street sold it at one for a nickel and three for a dime. Whenever I was hungry for cone sushi I would go looking for classmates or neighbors that had a nickel in their pockets.

When I had two people with a nickel apiece, I would convince them that sushi would be a treat at that time of day and that I would gladly purchase the sushi if they gave me their nickels.

Naturally, at three for a dime I always had a free sushi. I wasn’t selfish so when we were in a group of five or six and at least four kids had nickels. I would still offer to be the runner and purchase the sushi. As to be expected all of us enjoyed a tasty treat.


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