Monday, March 06, 2006

Conserving Water

First let me tell you that we had a porcelain coated cast iron bathtub with four legs and we did not have a water heater.

It seems that it was my father’s chore to prepare our baths. He heated water in a large kettle on our kerosene stove. He then partially filled the tub with cold water and added the hot water. I learned at an early age that the water stayed warm longer if you heated cold water than if you cooled off hot water.

My sister, who was five years younger than me, got to bathe first. The theory was that because she was younger and a girl she wasn’t as dirty as her two brothers
Anyway, after she was through with her hot bath, my father added a small kettle of hot water to the now cooler water and my brother and I jumped in together.

We not only had to get ourselves clean, but after bathing we had to clean the inside of the tub as the water was draining.

I’m not sure whether using one tub of water to bathe three kids was to conserve water or to cut the water bill, but I’m sure it did a little of both.


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