Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Election Year Entertainment

Almost everyone in Kakaako looked forward to election time. Although we had radios and silent movies, other forms of entertainment were rare. The word would be passed that the politicians would be at Mother Waldron Park on a certain evening and huge crowds would gather well in advance of the scheduled time.

Like clockwork, at the designated time, a caravan of cars would arrive and a bunch of musicians, singers and hula dancers would jump on the stage and entertain us for about five minutes or more.

Then the politician seeking office would tell everyone how, if elected, he would give them the world on a silver platter. After his speech, the musicians and dancers would again return to centerstage and entertain us for a few more minutes before heading for their next stop.

No sooner was one group off the stage another was on stage with singing, dancing and politicians making more promises. This went on for several hours.

As each candidate arrived, we kids would rush to him and offer to pass out his cards. During those years, the politicians had business cards printed with their pictures on the cards. I don't remember any women running for office at that time.

Anyway, when the candidates gave us their cards to pass out, we put half of the stack in our pocket and distributed the rest. We used the cards to play a game. Since the cards were printed on one side only, two of us would flip a card and one would call odd or even before the cards reached the ground.

If both cards had the same side facing up, the person calling even would win. If not, the other won. We also played with three people and the odd card declared the winner.


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